Born in Jerusalem, Israel 1947

Hunter collage. Arts student league, NYU

Lives and works in Tel Aviv

2003 –          Work on his own material – art, design and functional art

2003-2007   Teaches graphic design in Sapir College in Sderot, Ariel Collage in Ariel

1985-1986   Graphic design adviser in Shenkar Fashion Institute

1979-1984   Teaches photography in Haifa Museum

1979-2005   Works as an independent graphic designer for major advertising agencies

                  and commercial companies

1978-1982   Teaches Drawing in Art Teachers college in

                  Ramat Hasharon Teachers Prep collage

1975-1977  M.A. studies – Creative Art – N.Y.U., N.Y. , U.S.A.

1973-1974  M.A. studies Art – Hunter Collage, N.Y. , U.S.A.

1974-1976  Painting & Sculpture, Art Student League, N.Y. , U.S.A.

1973-1978  Pratt Graphic Center – Print making, N.Y. , U.S.A.

1968-1973  Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, B. A. studies,Jerusalem, Israel